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2016-2017 Tuition - Schiool Year Program (Sept-May)

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FULL DAY (6:30am to 5:30pm): Includes breakfast, lunch, snack, supplies, materials and professional fees.

Total TuitionMonthy TuitionTotal Tuition
2 Year Olds
Monthly Tuition
2 Year Olds
First Child:$7,650.00$850.00$8550.00
Second Child:$7,380.00$820.00$8280.00$920.00
Third Child:$7,155.00$795.00$8055.00$895.00

SCHOOL DAY (7:30AM to 2:30pm): This option correlates to current St. Ann Model School's regular school day 
(Grs. 1-8) and also includes fees for lunch and snack, supplies, classroom materials and professional fees.

Total TuitionMonthly Tuition

Total Tuition

2 Year Olds

Monthly Tuition

2 Year Olds

First Child:$7,380.00$820.00$8280.00$920.00
Second Child:$7,110.00$790.00$8010.00$890.00
Third Child:$6,885.00$765.00$7785.00$865.00

PART TIME - 2, 3 AND 4 YR. OLDS ONLY (7:30AM to 12:00 noon):  Includes lunch ONLY, supplies, classroom materials and professional fees.

Total TuitionMonthly Tuition

Total Tuition

2 Year Olds

Monthly Tuition

2 Year Olds

First Child:$7,245.00$805.00$8145.00$905.00
Second Child:$6,975.00$775.00$7875.00$875.00
Third Child:$6,750.00$750.00$7650.00$850.00

Note:  For tuition purposes only, families with children in both the School and ELC, the ELC child is considered the 1st child in a family plan. 

**The school year program operates for nine months.  The summer program begins in June and ends the last week of July (8 weeks).  The summer program is offered only to the 3 and 4 year-olds.

Monthy tuition pays for salaries, employee benefits, insurance, electricity, water, telephone, gas, maintenance, capital improvement and the daily expenses that must be made to keep our Early Learning Center operating. 
​Comprehensive Fees
In addition to the tuition rates, there are comprehensive fees for each age level.  The comprehensive fee pays for curriculum materials, diocesan fees, yearbook, excursions and additional expenses not covered by tuition.  An estimated breakdown of the fees is included with this packet.  Fees may change slightly due to vendor adjustments.  The Kindergarten comprehensive fee for the 2016-2017 year is $382.25.  The comprehensive fee for the 3 and 4-year-old programs is $273.25.  The comprehensive fees for the 2-year-old is $199.25.  Comprehensive fees are due during registration week, July 11-15, 2016 and is paid using FACTS Management Company.   

Registration packets are distributed during the first week in June.  These packets are given only to children who have registered for the 2016-17 school year with a completed and paid INTENT TO RETURN form.

Grades 1-8

FIRST CHILD                                $8,200.00
SECOND CHILD                            $300 IS TAKEN OFF THE FINAL PAYMENT
THIRD CHILD                                $600 IS TAKEN OFF THE FINAL PAYMENT

Families who pay the tuition in full by September 30, 2016 will receive$250.00 off of their total tuition.
Please consult School Contract for tuition policy


GRADE 4$664.05
GRADE 5$679.90
GRADE 6$751.45
GRADE 7$707.60
GRADE 8$771.25

Comprehensive Fees include:

  • Textbooks, rentals and consumable workbooks.
  • Classroom Supplies: Art supplies, notebooks, crayons, markers, portfolios, book covers, etc.
  • Lab Fees: Science and Computer.
  •  Activity Fees: Special Events such as Spelling Bee, Science Fair, Catholic Schools Week, School Field Days / Picnics, etc. 
  •  Excursion fees & Retreat fees

FACTS Management Company​​

All Hawaii Catholic Schools are directed to use the FACTS Management Company for tuition collection.  Therefore, all financial transactions for the School, Early Learning Center and Extended Day programs must be handled through FACTS.  This includes deposits, comprehensive fees, and tuition.  All returning families already registered with FACTS must re-register for the 2016-2017 school year by March 3, 2016.   It is important that you sign up with FACTS in order to pay your deposit, your comprehensive fee and your tuition payments.   An Invoice option is available which enables parents to make payments from their own bank accounts.  Due dates and criteria for paying your statement remains the same.