School Financial Assistance

From it's founding, St. Ann's Parish has been concerned with providing a Catholic education for its children.  The Tuition Assistance Grant and the Scholarship Program are ways in which we try to meet this continuing concern.  The Assistance Grant and the Scholarship Program each have their own unique eligibility requirements.  However, both programs are open only to children enrolled at St. Ann's School.

St. Ann's Catholic Church sponsors the Tuition Assistance Grant.  Eligibility is open to registered St. Ann's parishioners and employees.   Funds are limited.  Preference is given to those who demonstrate financial need verified by TADS Tuition Aid Data Services.  Preference is also given to parishioners who are active in the life of the parish: its worship, its ministries and its support.  A final preference is given to parishioners committed to continuing the Catholic education of their children.  These are the parents whose other children are currently attending Catholic high schools and colleges.

The Scholarship Program is sponsored by St. Ann's School's Education Council.  Through the annual Scholarship Dinner & Dance, the community combines effort to support Catholic Education here at St. Ann's.  Eligibility is open to all registered St. Ann's students who meet the criteria of financial need verified by TADS Tuition Aid Data Services.  Preferential commitment is given to those who desire an on-going education at St. Ann's and need help to realize this goal.  Families who actively support the educational programs of the parish through volunteering in events, work projects, fundraising, etc. are also given serious consideration.

The application period to apply for both the Tuition Assistance and Scholarship Program for the next school year begins in January and closes on April 30th. Please call the School Offices for further information.

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Admission Information

Returning Students

Each year, parents must register their child for the coming school year. Since acceptance for the next year is not automatic, the school reserves the right to accept or reject applications. Such
decisions are based on parental cooperation, student deportment, educational opportunities and space availability.

A non-refundable deposit is required at the time of registration. NO student will be considered registered unless the deposit, the previous year's tuition and outstanding financial balances (library fines, lost books, etc.) have been paid in full and received in the
business office by the end of the school year.

Intent to Return forms are sent home the first week of March each school year and is due by the third week of March of the same year.

Registration for the new school year is held the third Saturday in July each year. The following information is submitted and collected:

1. Application for each registered child.
2. Contract signed by parents or guardians.
3. Payment of tuition and comprehensive fees. 

Parents may also sign up for Extended Day services, purchase lunch tokens, exchange or purchase recycled school uniforms
and sign up for extracurricular activities that are available for the school year. School calendars and Parent/Student Handbooks are also distributed on registration day. 

New Students: 

Applications for new students to our Early Learning Center may be accepted at anytime. To request an Early Learning Center application, please call #808-247-3092, ext. 130; or visit our Early Learning School Office Monday through Friday from 7:00am to 4:00pm. 

Applications for grades 1-8 may be obtained at the regular school office also between the hours of 7:00am and 4:00pm, Monday through Friday. New students applying for grades One through Eight are required to take an entrance examination.

In addition, new students are asked to submit the following:

  1. Baptismal and First Eucharist certificates (if Catholic). 

  2. A copy of child's Birth certificate and Social Security number

  3. Complete Health Examination Record (Form 14) to prove that a Physical Examination, TB Skin Test and all required immunizations have been completed. 

  4. Copies of the most recent report card and Standardized Test Scores

  5. One confidential Teacher Recommendation Form completed by child's current teacher. 

  6. Payment of application fee

Claims of legal guardianship and custody rights must be proved by document to be filed in school office.

Parents or guardians of all new students are interviewed by the Principal and/or Admissions Committee.