Grade School 1-8

Extended Day Program

The Extended Day service is provided at St. Ann's Schools for working parents who are unable to arrange for after school supervision of their child. It is an extension of the regular school day and is open only to registered St. Ann's students. St. Ann's Extended Day

program is licensed by the Department of Human Services for a maximum of 120 children ages 5.5 thru 13 in Grades to 6.

The AM program is provided from 6:15 - 7:30 a.m. on each school day. 

The Extended Day PM program consists of hourly sessions for homework study, enrichment activities, sports and games from 2:30 to 5:30 p.m. on regular school days and from 11:30/12:30 to 5:30 p.m. on early dismissal days. Extended Day booklets and registration forms are available on Registration Day, thereafter, at the school office. Each year, regardless if the child was registered in the previous year, parents must fill out a new registration form. Registration forms are dated as they are received. The maximum number of 120 children may be

enrolled in this program. 

Food Court

St. Ann's School provides hot entrees and ala carte items that are available in the Students' Food Court located in the school cafetorium. Ala carte breakfast items are available for purchase from 7:00 to 7:40 a.m.  Meal Tokens are used to purchase hot entrees only. Milk is included for grades 1-4 Juice is included for grades 5-8. Ala Carte Tokens are used to purchase ala carte items. Tokens are not interchangeable, that is, Meal Tokens cannot be used to purchase ala carte items and Ala Carte Tokens cannot be used to purchase hot entrees. Tokens are not refundable. 


The Library is a year-round service for students, teachers, staff and administration of St. Ann's Schools. Library service focuses on: 

  • - programs and activities that encourage and support reading 
  • - resources in reading and research 
  • - extension and enrichment of curriculum 

Computer Lab

The students use the Computer Lab during regular computer class time. Additional use of the Computer Lab is scheduled for grades 1-4 and grades 5-8 on alternating days during the recess periods. The use of the lab, at these times, is a privilege. Students may be suspended from the use of the Computer Lab for inappropriate behavior and/or abuse of computer equipment.

Child Study 

A child Study team is a group of professionals in dialogue to determine the best possible action for a particular child/student. After reviewing the data, conducting interviews and seeking appropriate research, the Child Study team makes recommendations to the administrator(s), teacher(s) and parents regarding reasonable alternatives for the future growth and development of the child/student.

Summer School 

Held for 6 weeks beginning in June and ending in July. Information on St. Ann's Summer School is available in April of each year. Contact the Extension Office for more information. St. Ann's Summer Sessions provides opportunities for academic classes and exciting summer

experiences. Sessions include classes that cover basic review to strengthen academic skills and a wide variety of enrichment classes for children who wish to expand their learning in new areas. Registration is welcomed for boys and girls entering first through eighth grade. 

Student Activities


The athletic program at St. Ann's School is an integral part of the extracurricular program and the educational process.  It provides the student athletes wholesome opportunities to develop favorable habits and attitudes of social and group living in an environment of Christian principles and values. St. Ann's students in grades 5-8 participate in the Catholic School League's sports program that consists of volleyball, basketball, and track.  Participation in any of the sport's program is dependent on whether or not volunteer coaches are

available.  Coaches are expected to model the standard of Christian attitude, behavior and sportsmanship when working and training with the student athletes.


Providing an outlet for creativity, performance, and an opportunity to develop choral skills. Students in grades 3 through 5 may audition for a position in the choir, where they learn various musical elements and the art of performing. As a choir member, self-discipline is needed for concentration in listening, singing, speaking, modeling, and memorization.  Each member must show responsibility to the choir and the director by attending each rehearsal and performance.  A positive attitude will help the members of the choir to have positive experiences and great performances. Whenever possible, choir practices are scheduled during the week in the regular school schedule and during the afternoon recess period.  Parents will be notified when there is a need to schedule special practices after school or on non-school days.