E Ho'opa'a i ka 'ikena is a school wide comprehensive program that continues on a journey to sustain and maintain the teaching and learning environment for this millennium using 21st century skills.

Holomua Me ka Mana'o'i'o continues to work to empower the whole child to become:

  • Faithful witness to Jesus Christ;

  • Seekers of academic and aesthetic excellence;

  • Independent, yet cooperative learners;

  • Global citizens in service to the common good.

E Ho'opa'a i ka 'ikena continues the belief that given the right conditions, all children can learn. All teachers speak the common language of DIrect Instruction and Cooperative Learning using 21st century skills of Cooperation, Creativity, Critical Thinking and Communication infused with the values of our Catholic identity.

As a parish school, E Ho'opa'a i ka 'ikena enables us to serve each other, our parents, our students, the parish church and the community at large. We strive to make our school motto, "A'ole nou wale no...Not for ourselves alone", a lifelong experience.

E Ho'opa'a i ka 'ikena...

(Hold fast to the Vision...)

...Holomua Me Ka Mana'o'i'o

(...Journey with Faith!)